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Trigger the Send function in a new email from command line

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This is either so simple and right in front of me that i can;t see it or doesn't exist as needed.

In a batch script that uses the Outlook.exe ipm.note parameter, once the email is loaded and ready to send, how can i trigger the send function from within the script.  Everything works perfectly except for that last item.

I have a vbs version that CAN trigger the send (but so far cannot add the zipped attachment properly) which makes me think that there must be some method of activating SEND from the command line.  Currently, the completed email sits there waiting for me to press the Send button 

This was a handy "feature" during testing so I could see and correct errors and configurations But now that it works as desired I want it to immediately "Send" like the VBS version does.
Could I call a "SEND_EMAIL.VBS" script from inside the batch as a final command ? 

I am still trying to rewrite the whole thing as VBS but ran into issues getting the correct zip file attached to the pre-addressed email.  I have not given up on that yet though and it may be the best way.

I always use blat.exe to send emails from the command line. Much faster and more straightforward. The site used to be which will lead you to an older but still perfectly useable version on sourceforge, but the distribution of newer releases these days is from a yahoo group named blat-Discussion. Most recent update was June 16.

Thanks X16.  That is usually my problem in that i get so focused on doing it one way that i fail to look at complete alternatives.

I added an extension to Chrome 'URL to Clipboard' that can load the URL's for every open tab onto the clipboard.  Then i found another tool that can load the contents of clipboard to a Word Doc which i was able to set a hot key to activate.

So I jumped for both of them only to find that my 'preferred' method of storage (emailing it to myself) would not work :(.    The problem is I cannot get the word doc. attached to an email. 

This is now sort of a "grudge match" that i am determined to make work even if I never use it again.
For what it is worth, the tools to read and use the contents of clipboard came from an obscure site named at this link:  There are a number of useful things that can be done with the pair in a very straightforward manner.

Such as getclip>URLs.doc to put the URLs in the clipboard into a word.doc

May I suggest my WinSendKeys tool I wrote for a fellow-DCer, published on my page?
It's designed for your task, and then some  :up:

Thanks ATH.  That may do the trick  I was able to make things a little slicker by sending the links in clipboard direct to "urls.html" and drop that into an email without getting any complaints from outlook so i can probably remove the 7zip portion on the script  If winsend can "push the button" for "Lazy Old Me" i may get this down to a single hotkey start to finish.  :)

Mind if i ask what the proper way to access the send button with it?  Can i in some way assign it a 'name" to access with your app?  I read thoigh, (but not closely :( )  the instructions.  From your description of what it did for split_e should work for me too,
I have my script down to 2 lines now  If the third one is the "charm" that send the email out.  .....:)  Happy Me.

OK, I am one step closer.  There are actually TWO key combos to emulate SEND.  One is Ctrl+enter  The other is ALT+S.  Never knew about either and was surprised how easily i found them.  Gotta save that URL :) .   


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