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Any stellar PHP/MySql programmers here?

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It could be JSP, instead. Tom doesn't care as long as he gets the relational DBs set up and the logic of his idea translated into code.

OK...  :Thmbsup:

If you're interested in hearing his idea, contact him using the info in the OP.

The website will be running some active/automatic "search and populate" screens, for the users, from various commercial websites we have accounts with, and save that information so we don't have to do a fresh search for the information each time it is keyed. This lets future users see the information in our GUI (with links text/image) without us having to go out and pull them for each instance.

This leads into storing the previously "purchased/confirmed" products in a user "interest" profile and then populating those into graphic display that loads when the user logs in. They should be able to scroll back and forth easily between 5 levels of interaction.

We also want to use a comparison algorithm to see when customers interests in each of the levels are similar to other profiles and then we can make recommendations on future purchases. we will do this through graphic representations.

We will initially be looking for estimations of the time/costs to produce the website work in phases. This will be for the first Portal, with three more to follow. 8)


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