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Share video based on URL only - recommendations please


Hi there,

Up front...
1. sure, there are a lot of (often outdated) reviews on sharing video sites - I spent quite some time on reading, but could not deicde
2. yes, indeed, the below question has nothing to do with Donation coder software, but I don't know where else to ask

That said, I would like recommendations on video sharing websites that :
- are free and reliable/wellknown
- can share a video based on an URL only (such as using on a forum, or share with someone of whom you haven't the email address
- not youtube, not screencast

Recommendations would be appreciated.




for videos that are required for a short period of time, i.e. not for use forums, but rather meant to share with someone based on URL only
(but you don't the direct mail address)

-upload to OneDrive or Google drive
-generate and share the URL


add the video to


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