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Where is Baby Cody

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Baby Cody shipped off to Carol this morning!

Carol Haynes:
Ooo - Hogan is excited  :D

Carol Haynes:
Baby Cody has arrived in the UK (thanks Mouser)

Hogan and Cody are happy to see each other - but Hogan is a little jealous of all the medals and the smart jacket (but he has lost his bow tie!)!

Going to look for some adventures ...

Where is Baby Cody

Hogan and Cody are happy to see each other
-Carol Haynes (March 10, 2018, 11:26 AM)
--- End quote ---
If that's Hogan's happy look I'd hate to see him when he's sad!  ;D

Sweet.. Two old friends getting back together to catch up on life.  :-*


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