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Where is Baby Cody

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Carol Haynes:
Last post about Baby Cody seems to have been in 2014

Anyone any idea where the little guy is now?

I know exactly where he is.. he lives in the back seat of my car :)

He's probably itching to take another adventure if anyone wants to host him..

Carol Haynes:
Mouser ... if Baby Cody is getting itchy feet his mate Hogan would love to say hello again if he fancies a return to the UK? See what adventures they can get up to this time?

From his last adventure (with Hogan):

Baby cody has been sitting at the top of a bookshelf in my office for the last couple of years -- he would love to take another trip!
Message me your address and I'll send him on his way.
He said his only request is to keep him above freezing temperatures -- he says his feathers aren't as warm as they used to be in his younger days.

Carol Haynes:
He will be fine - he can borrow Hogan's scarf. Sent you my address x


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