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Active Window capture includes shadow in Windows 10 w/ Aero Glass cap disabled

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Note: Related post (closed, can't reply to it):

Recently I started seeing shadows when capturing an Active Window (like a dialog) in Windows 10.  See attached.
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An option was added to SSC years ago to get around this which I have disabled.  I see another option that I've never used and tried it but it didn't have an effect either.  See attached.
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I suppose this is due to the fact that Microsoft appears to be bent on breaking fundamental architectural standards (their Microsoft Dynamics CRM app randomly shows a system modal dialog that says "I'm doing something" then automatically closes, preventing anything from being done in any app and when it's done the original keyboard focus is not restored so you have to go click the active app again).  Okay, not going to rant, but  >:(

Not a show stopper, but I have to manually clean the dialog up by trimming the extra stuff off the edges.

I took a look at the message dialog box used in the first screen capture and here's what I'm seeing with respects to the parentage:

--- ---HWND [511EC]
PID [000003F0]
Title [Sample Windows 10 Dialog]
Class [#32770]

#32770's children:
    Child #1: HWnd=511D4 Class=Button Title=OK
    Child #2: HWnd=813F6 Class=Static Title=None
    Child #3: HWnd=611E8 Class=Static Title=Note the shadow is coming through although Arrow Glass Transparency option is disabled.

It's been a while since I snooped around in the OS, so... Using a window inspection tool I wrote years ago that does a system WindowFromPoint() call iirc, I think the OS has expanded the non-client region of the window for painting shadows.  The NCR used to just consist of the window's border area.

Anyway, I dug through all the SSC options again and can't find anything that can resolve this.

hi Sangatster,
just to let you know that the attachments didnt work for some reason

Welcome Sangatster.

Waiting to see the screenshot attachments before replying.

Sorry for the terrible delay.  I didn't get a notification about this and haven't come back to check on it until today.

Okay, let me try the attachment again.

Active Window capture includes shadow in Windows 10 w/ Aero Glass cap disabled

Okay, looks like that worked.  Let me know...


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