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How do we stop using folder Documents\DonationCoder\Clipboard Help+Spell

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The program uses folder Documents\DonationCoder\Clipboard Help+Spell to store everything there.

People sometimes move the Documents folder away from C: drive and to a custom location which gets backed up frequently.
We certainly *do not* want everything we ever copy-pasted to be included in those backups and the only way to avoid that is to have a custom storage location that Clipboard Help+Spell could use.

How do we do that?
How do we stop Clipboard Help+Spell from using the Windows Documents folder to store sensitive information in it?
Thank you.

Edit the file "C:\Program Files (x86)\Clipboard Help+Spell\ConfigDir.ini" and specify the custom directory where you wish all CHS settings and data to be stored (don't forget to remove the // at the start of the line).

Not sure whether this helps, but quite a while back I wanted to achieve the same independence and so installed FARR and CHS thusly:
      C:\UTIL\Windows utilities\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins\Clipboard Help+Spell
- where "C:\UTIL\Windows utilities" is actually a Junction Point of a OneDrive folder.
"ConfigDir.ini" was left untouched/unedited.
Seemed to work OK, anyway.

I don't know if i would recommend junction points but you do remind me that if you want to run CHS portably you can do that, either downloading the portable zip version or editing the ConfigDir.ini to say it's portable rather than specifying a hard coded path.

Thank you. I added instructions below to my notes.
Perhaps this could be added to program options?

OFF TOPIC: I am not asking you to change the app, take this solely as user feedback:
It took me three days on my new system to figure out that the annoying sound was coming from Clipboard Help+Spell default options to make a sound every time copy function was executed.

Most app sounds should usually be set to off by default with an *option* to turn sounds on.

Clipboard data is stored in the Windows Documents folder.
To set a custom location where clipboard data is stored, separate from where the program is installed, for example, to set Clipboard data location as E:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell

Exit the program.
Use Notepad to open C:\Program Files (x86)\Clipboard Help+Spell\ConfigDir.ini
Edit line
So that it says
CONFIGDIR = E:\Program Files\Clipboard Help+Spell
[Without // in the beginning of the line.]
Save the edited file and restart the program.


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