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Desktop tool for programmatically removing URL's from PDF files

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Is anyone aware of a tool that can be run against a system full of stored pdf's to achieve this action?
I have seen several online sites that offer this and while they do work, there is no way i could manage to upload, scan, then download and rename thousands of files.

The problems are being caused by what are likely 'spoofed' URLs in the first place.  The written TEXT may say but the embedded URL's take you to or some other.  Normally, not a big deal, but our AV program is marking hundreds of these files every day as being possibly 'malicious' and quarantining them due to links associated with Malware of one type or another.  The pdf files are safe but the links are blacklisted.  And I have to assume that the embedded URL's "Might" really be misdirecting people to real malicious sites.

Either way, I ran a few of them through an online URL remover and the resulting document scans as clean which is all I need.  Even though all the written text for every URL's is still in place and can still be clicked as Adobe automatically links the written URL's anyway.  At least the files can be accessed.  When quarantined, they are not available to anyone

While I found a lot of advice on how to manually do this one file at a time using Acrobat, I have not found a single tool either for sale or free that can be run against an archive storage containing thousands of pdf files which is what must be done. 

If anyone has ever seen such a tool or know where i could check, the info would be appreciated.  Preferably this would be a tool that could be run at a desktop level without having to invoke Acrobat


You could try the script I did for jity2 over here: DONE: batch print silently pdf-2-pdf using SumatraPdf and Bullzip

Possibly an option in Sumatra or Bullzip to not incorporate URLs.

Sorry, I have to ask: "But why?"

He explained it very well, I thought.  Sometimes, people link the words to in PDFs.  He wants to strip out the links.

Perhaps a better question is, "Why do you have hundreds of PDFs with deceptive links to malware?"


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