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Improving the ergonomic readability on laptop screen displays - Tips and Tricks.

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I decided it might help to start this discussion thread for those who - like me - may have been having difficulty reading some of the windows displayed by the Windows OS and by some of the programs/apps, on their their laptop screens.
I realised from reading CHS* and SC**-related discussions that some people had apparently been having similar problems to myself, and that suggesting a discovered workaround or fix could be generally helpful/useful.
*   CHS = Clipboard Help and Spell.
** SC = Screenshot Captor
Causes of the problems:

* For me, these problems seemed to surface post-Windows 7, coinciding with the OS and the hardware technologies having undergone changes that led to the high-definition laptop displays performing differently and needing to "homogenize" to some extent to cater for tablet displays and PC/laptop/LCD displays. For example, there are even switches in Win10 (Anniversary update edition) settings that distinguish between and/or enable Tablet versus Desktop modes.
* The colour palette used by the system seems to consist solely of bright "dusty" pastel shades rather than hard bright solid/dense colours - even the colour "black" is affected, for example appearing as dark grey in text. This causes perceptual difficulty and a reduced level of certain and clear distinction/discrimination at the borders between different-coloured objects. The advent of Metro-styles tiles in Win 8 seems to have aggravated this problem. This problem may affect people in different ways - for example, it can be bothersome in the extreme to people who - like me - may have imperfect vision (e.g., require spectacles to read books or their laptop screens.)
So, let's see how it goes...all suggestions/tips welcomed.

Improving ergonomic readability in the CHS (Clipboard Help and Spell) clipboard manager.
I actually think I got somewhere useful (for me at least) on this:

Improving ergonomic readability in the Slimjet browser using the Change Colours (Chrome) extension:

Here's a second example of the Slimjet extension Colour Change, using a partial screenshot of this webpage/thread.
I recall someone saying that images posted to this website came up blurry when rendered on some web browsers, so I put the image of the notes through the IrfanView Sharpen function before posting it (don't know if it makes any difference, unless you have one of the browsers that display images a bit blurry).

Improving ergonomic readability in the CHS (Clipboard Help and Spell) clipboard manager.
I actually think I got somewhere useful (for me at least) on this:
-IainB (August 22, 2016, 02:55 AM)
--- End quote ---

in relation to the system-wide font changes, I was wondering what screen size/resolution you were using -- or what ppi (is that what they call it: the pixel 'density' I mean). TBH I'm not sure what ppi I have here, so size and resolution would probably be the most helpful, TIA :up:


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