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Everything Efu Explorer -- helper tool to browse folders in .efu files

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Everything Efu Explorer
A helper tool to explore/browse folders in .efu files in Everything.
Similar to folder navigation in Windows Explorer.
Useful for browsing indexes of offline drives.

Download page and up to date instructions for setup and use:

feature request ware
everything_efu_explorer is "feature request ware". I hope the Everything developer likes it and makes these features native.

I wish Everything had a hotkey to change the window background color, to signal that efu browse mode is started. The Everything.ini file has a normal_background_color variable but edits to the ini only have effect when Everything is closed, so that can't be used to quickly toggle a background color on/off.

Everything is a very fast file and folder search engine - a great program! It can save search results to .efu file lists for later use.

When a .efu file is loaded Everything lists all files/folders in the index matching the search string. But it can be useful to browse a drive index folder by folder, like when navigating through folders in Explorer. That is what Everything Efu Explorer enables. This makes it more convenient to use Everything as a cataloger for offline drives or discs.

efu_make - a companion script to automatically save drive indexes to .efu file list files.

180223 new version of efu_make works with changed command line syntax in never versions of ES.exe

--- Code: Autohotkey ---;efu_make   by Nod5;a helper tool to index drives to Everything .efu files ;SETUP;- install Autohotkey,;- install Everything ,;- download es.exe ,;- save script as efu_make.ahk , compile to efu_make.exe;- place es.exe in the same folder as efu_make.exe ;USAGE;run efu_make from the command line with a string of drive letters as parameter;example: C:\folder\efu_make.exe CFG ;example output: C:\folder\YYMMDD_C.efu , ... _F.efu , ... _G.efu #SingleInstance, forcedrives = %1%if !FileExist(A_Scriptdir "\es.exe") exitappstamp := SubStr(A_now,3,6)  ;YYMMDDLoop,Parse,drives{If !FileExist(A_LoopField ":\") continueTooltip, make new .efu ... %A_LoopField%  , 400, 200;old ES efu export syntax;RunWait, "%A_Scriptdir%\es.exe" "%A_LoopField%:\" -efu "%A_ScriptDir%\%stamp%_%A_LoopField%.efu" -p -s ,, Min;new ES efu export syntaxRunWait, "%A_Scriptdir%\es.exe" -export-efu "%A_ScriptDir%\%stamp%_%A_LoopField%.efu" "%A_LoopField%:\",, Min}Tooltip, make new .efu ... done!  , 400, 200sleep 2000exitapp

This seems like a cool idea but I run it and follow the instructions and literally nothing happens.

This seems like a cool idea but I run it and follow the instructions and literally nothing happens.
-FrankEBailey` (November 02, 2016, 04:21 AM)
--- End quote ---
Sorry for my delayed reply Frank. Try running the script as administrator and see if it works then. What version of Windows are you on?

I know this is old, but I can't get the script that you posted working.

I know this is old, but I can't get the script that you posted working.
-jaredbidlow (January 26, 2018, 02:02 PM)
--- End quote ---

everything_efu_explorer works for me. Can you give some more details to help troubleshoot this. First, have you confirmed that the .efu file you're testing with is ok. Double click the .efu to open it in Everything and do a search in it. If that works then the problem is probably in the way everything_efu_explorer reads information from Everything's statusbar and results window. 

(Note: the script efu_make from 161121 at the bottom of my first post didn't work any longer because there was a change in how ES.exe handles command line arguments. I'll edit that post now and change the line that needs changing to get that to work.)


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