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laptop blacks out when starting Clipboard Help+Spell


my pc blacks out when starting Clipboard Help+Spell-in win xp?but works when i reistall it-instal programme starts it
i get these at start the Clipboard Help+Spell-see pic-?

My memory is that some antivirus tools can cause those problems when they block CHS from saving it's database.
One possible solution is to add an exception to ClipboardHelpAndSpell.exe to your security software.
Another might be to go to the Tweaks tab and change the "Temporary DB file location" setting and restart the program.

i am using avsat anti viruse-i have put Clipboard Help+Spell dir. in for exclusion-but no did not help first time by stopping and restarting the prog.but worked second time-that the screen didnot go blanck-lets see what happed in future-
changing dir. in tweak didnot help-still getting same messages
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