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The large amount of memory

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Well, it will be less than 10 GB, and it will not be not so giant in PNG.
I have to stitch the map as my chief wants to view the map on his iPad...... And there's no any export options..........

I know, it might look totally unnecessary, but it would be nice to have a 64-bit version of your application (for some specific uses as mine is). As far as I know it is the most powerful tool for the screen capturing I have ever seen. Snagit goes on the second place.

Wouldn't it be easier to capture in strips, (either columns or rows), using SC and then use either:
1) something like Microsoft's Image Composite Editor, or
2) a paint program, (eg. PhotoFiltre), to stitch them together.

I've used both methods and since the degree of overlap is going to be constant, stitching them together in a paint program is actually very easy.

Thanks. I was already going to try that. Still afraid of the lack of the memory as Screenshot Captor can use only 1.9 GB of it.

There's a problem. Screenshot captor can't stitch images in a vertical strip if there's many of empty white space in the map (gaps). As a workaround I think I can just collect screenshots and stitch them in another program.
But the rest of vertical strips stitched perfectly. Then I used PanoramaStudio to stitch strips automatically into the final image.


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