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FARR No Longer Showing Result for a Specific File; due to Ignore Item In Future?


Good morning.

I use FARR a lot and it has become my go-to launcher. Great work!

This morning I used it to find a .bat file using "drive" in the search textbox, and the file I was looking for came up on the list. I wanted it to be higher so I right-clicked and *believe* I went to the Add Scoring Rule for this Item option and set the score to 333. That said perhaps I did something else as that file no longer appears regardless of what I use to search for it.

Is there a way I can see:

1.) A list of items for which I changed their scoring.

2.) A list of items I set to Ignore.

I'm hoping viewing the above might help resolve this issue for me.

_____/ Regards,   
____/ al     

Alex E. Luyando J.C.N. Associates, L.L.C. Microsoft Visual FoxPro, Visual Studio .NET and SQL Server database application design, development and project management

Go to the options and find "Pattern Scoring" tab.  That lists all the scoring rules, with your newly added ones at the bottom.
When you choose to ignore an item in the future, it's done by adding a pattern scoring rule here with a large negative score.


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