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help needed: Windows programming, C++ wrapper



We need to send and relay messages and game events between two PCs:

(PC with Unreal Engine 2, running Windows 7 or soon 10, that also has incoming messages...not sure how this is connected to PC#1...maybe USB/recognized as a string?)
  |  TCP/IP
(PC hooked to the SR Research eye tracker system, running DOS).

We need some kind of wrapper, I think, perhaps in C++, that
1. calls functions provided by SR Research's EyeLink eye tracker API (in form of DLLs on PC#1) AND
2. takes messages from the Unreal Engine 2 gaming engine

to relay the messages (corresponding to events within the game) and the messages coming into PC#1 via TCP/IP from PC#1 to PC#2 (specifically to the eye tracking log files.

If I have understood correctly, there is no way to call functions in DLLs from Unreal Engine 2 (this feature was introduced in UE3 via

Someone on one of the forums had suggested, "Why do you not simply create a HINSTANCE object using the LoadLibrary function and reference the function from that instance into an FARPROC object using the GetProcAddress function?" (I'm not a programmer, def not a Windows programmer, so I have no idea what he means :-P)

Help? And if anyone has any documentation about UnrealScript2 (specifically looking at recording gameplay, for example), I would also very much appreciate it!!


Hi gjq.. I'm sorry no one has posted a reply to your post yet.. I think this probably requires some specialized  of unreal engine, and you might have better luck on an unreal engine forum..

Hi Mouser,
Thanks for the sympathy and keeping an eye out! Tried the UE forums, but UE2 is so old...and actually, the trickier thing for me, with no C++ background is to write the wrapper that calls both the eye tracker API and UE2 (I have VBS scripts that launches UE2...I guess should be straightforward to translate to C++?)


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