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Can FARR search Chrome bookmarks?

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I'll have a look.

Another strategy is to have a background script that unpacks the Chrome Bookmark to temporary individual .url files at each reboot (or at some interval). They are then searchable by FARR, Everything and other tools.

My FFBookmarksUnpacker does that for Firefox bookmarks,   The method would be similar with Chrome but use jxon.ahk library to get the json data. I can give that a shot if someone will use it.

Old topic, but in 2016 I didn't care because I was using Firefox!   :D

Did this get any farther along? There is a file called Bookmarks which appears to be in JSON format here:

%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

OK, I have a workaround but I'm embarrassed to say how much time I spent trying to get it to work.

There are 2 parts of it

1. Periodically i need to manually export Chrome bookmarks to a file from the Chrome bookmarks manager (Ctrl-Shift-O).

2. Configure the FarrFox plugin so that Search Firefox Bookmarks is checked and the path to the exported bookmark file is listed under Custom bookmark file locations (without quotes).

It still shows the Firefox icon though. Even if I extract the Chrome icon from Chrome, as soon as I rename the file to Firefox.ico to try and fool the plugin, the icon changes to a Firefox icon in Windows Explorer! Just from a rename! And FarrFox still shows the Firefox icon. But I'll live with it, this is close enough.

EDIT: Well, I just tried it again and it shows the Chrome icon now. Weird.

Thanks for posting your solution!  :Thmbsup:
As for icons -- Windows will cache icons and sometimes they go out of date until a restart or something.


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