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Can FARR search Chrome bookmarks?

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@Dadydave, worked well with me.  Thanks for this. 

However, @mouser, you suggested earlier to update the farrfox plugin to include a json file.
What about adding 'chrome' in the list of options and allow the file C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Bookmarks to be used ?

This would be sooooo wonderful and would complete the list of supported browsers.

File looks like this :

--- ---{
   "checksum": "6777de51875a14aac3e42745e16038ae",
   "roots": {
      "bookmark_bar": {
         "children": [ {
            "date_added": "13248529925512652",
            "guid": "028e0795-b9a5-48a5-a8a8-f80ab1b32d5a",
            "id": "5",
            "name": "HELUKABEL BELGIUM BVBA",
            "type": "url",
            "url": ""
         }, {
            "date_added": "13249340283462623",
            "guid": "350248e8-ad67-4f87-bbf6-22567590bae3",
            "id": "7",
            "name": "excel - Reference a cell in the previous visible row - Stack Overflow",
            "type": "url",
            "url": ""
         }, { .....


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