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Can FARR search Chrome bookmarks?

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From my search of the question, it appears FARR cannot search Chrome bookmarks.

If I want to bookmark a site while I'm in Chrome I currently;
- copy the bookmark in Chrome
- open IE and paste the link
- make the same bookmark in IE - - then FARR can search for it

Are there any easier ways or plugins for FARR to do this?

i wonder if there is an addon for chrome that will tell it to regularly export its bookmarks to a text file -- in that case farr would be able to search it..

Well, we know where they're saved.  So someone could write an extension to copy it elsewhere.  Or can you add that directory to the farr search directory?

well you could ask farr to search that directory, but i guess what i meant was to save them in a format that was text friendly for searching...
but if its standard json, i could update my farrfox addon to search them.

Right, even if I point farr to that directory it doesn't read them.  I don't know anything about json but if you can update farrfox to do chrome as well that would be great. 


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