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Remove arrow overlay on Listview icon display


In order to unclutter pinned apps on the taskbar, I coded a simple and useful little
program with Autohotkey v., that uses a Listview.
Can anyone suggest a coding MOD to display Listview icons that are NOT obscured by the
shortcut arrow overlay when .Lnk files are displayed.
(I have tried to remove the arrow overlay using "XdN Tweaker.exe" or
"Ultimate Windows Tweaker.exe" but these only work on Desktop icons).

I used the normal coding as given in Autohotkey Help (2003-2009 Chris Mallett).
There must surely be a way as pinned programs and links in Start Menu do not show
these arrows.
Does anyone know how this can be done??

I would experiment with FileGetShortcut function to get the exe file path from the Target line in the shortcut and load the icon from the exe file directly.

I did have a try at substituting actual filename using FileGetShortcut, but I got left with the same icon throughout the list.
maybe I did it wrong?
I can have another go.
I was thinking that a MOD of line:
        if not DllCall("Shell32\SHGetFileInfoA", "str", FileName, "uint", 0, "str", sfi, "uint", sfi_size, "uint", 0x101)  ; 0x101 is SHGFI_ICON+SHGFI_SMALLICON

might be required.

I tried substituting Filename again - same result. Then I noticed the missing %%.
Works beautifully now.

Many thanks for suggesting 2nd attempt!

Yeah the percent wrappers burn me all the time.  :)
Glad you got it working.


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