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CHS bug report - non-fatal error when deleting items in Recycle Bin.


Thought I should report this. Been meaning to for a while.

I can't seem to reproduce it.  Any tricks to getting it to happen?

Hmm, that's interesting.
Using the steps I gave above, I thought I had managed to get this to happen consistently with clips selected in the Recycled bin and with clips selected in the Ungrouped subfolder of the Recycled bin.
That was on:

* a Toshiba laptop with Win10-64 PRO
* an HP Pavilion laptop with Win10-64I am now using the latter laptop, but with Win10-64 "Anniversary" installed. On that laptop, now I seem to be able to only get it to happen consistently in the Ungrouped subfolder of the Recycled bin.
The steps are as above. Same error, etc. No "trick" to it, as far as I am aware.
If I press "OK" on the error box, the box goes away and the clips get deleted, with no crash of CHS. Maybe I am seeing the box because it is getting "stuck"?
Maybe the box is transient for you - only momentarily appearing and then disappearing - so you don't get to perceive it? Could that be possible? Either that or the error is simply not occurring for you. If you output a log every time that error box is requested/displayed, that might help.

It's non-fatal, so probably not worth investing a whole heap of time on it.


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