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A way to add indexing for mapped network drives to Windows 10 Home

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I am starting to suspect that Windows Update is a conspiracy between Microsoft and the corporate IT guys to log 30+ hours of overtime per week.  How can you possibly add dozens of modifications per week to an OS without breaking things?  I don't think there is a way.

I would hate to be put in that bind unless I needed an excuse to sleep on a cot at work and never go home.  Maybe they have 4k HD with all the sports channels in a secret rec room or something?

Maybe they have 4k HD with all the sports channels in a secret rec room or something?

-MilesAhead (August 06, 2016, 07:09 AM)
--- End quote ---
Go THAT!  And maybe some booze and maybe  "co-ed" environment?

Anyway, this is all coming from ONE 'particularly dense' worker that knows how to be the 'squeaky wheel' constantly.  Says she can't wait the extra 'minutes' it takes.  I wish i had recorded her saying that!  Would have made for great listening by company owners.
Problem is they don't care and just want the work done.  I had to agree that something was wrong even though I don't see it being worth spending hours to find out what.
The only reason i bothered is that occasionally I have seen the same thing.
Whatever it is, it always seems to 'fix itself' eventually.  But in her job, she does have to spend a lot of time looking up those docs.  So.. i have to be a 'nice guy' and try.

Back when i first discovered 'everything' i thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread!  I wrote David at Voidtools  and begged him to find a way to get Windows Search to use his algorithms or just flat out replace windows search with 'Everything'.  He said it could not be done and i believe him :(  But i figured MS would eventually get better.

Instead, we got Cortana?   :tellme: :huh:

Anyways, in the interim, my favorite search tool has become UltraSearch by JAM software. No particular reasons other than it had more of the specifics I use.  'Everything' probably has them as well but right now i have UltraSearch set to  CTRL+U hot key and just find it easier to access.  If you know of a better one i am always looking.

But.  For this problem, i need to find out what isn't working right in Windows and how to fix it.  The work being done must use the normal Windows "Search for" in top right corner of Explorer (or Word, Excel etc).

Even though I am 99% certain it is an indexing issue on that User's system, she has a valid complaint and I CAN find others with the same issues in a quick Google Search.
I just have to figure out WHY it happens in order to stop it. 

I already 'fixed' it once this past week but it came back when the system with the shared folder got the final windows 10 ANNIVERSARY UPDATE. 
I have several ideas as to what happened but it would be nice to get a confirmation of "Yes that happens when you...." .  Guaranteed to be something SHE did wrong.

Anyway, while i was at it, i thought i might find that there is now a way to switch off windows search and replace its function with a Better Tool. 
(Not for her, for ME!)  ;D

What does the squeaky wheel worker do at the end of her shift?  Does she shut the machine down?  Power it off?  Let it sleep?

I don't use the indexing myself but I wonder if once it loaded up if it would keep its cache overnight if she hibernated the machine instead of shutting down.  Just a wild thought.

who knows at this point. I cannot get any cooperation to test the theory.  I think it was caused by her staying connected to mapped drived while the system that held the drives was restarted.  Knowing her, she probably even had documents opened.
It was curiosity on my part as i have seen this happen to my own system once in a while and just wondered "Why"
I found a tool on WinAeroLibrary Tool
that describes the problem and a possible solution but it isn't worth the effort to test it on her.

When i get a chance, I may check it out for myself though.


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