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Interesting compression ratio difference between file compression tools.

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Stoic Joker:
^Quite True :Thmbsup:

Updated comparison. The 7-ZIP algorithm looks to be the best by a mile.

One could probably play around with this all day, but I suspect that at the end of it one would be unlikely to have made a particularly significant dent in it.

-IainB (August 16, 2016, 04:19 AM)
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I suspect the more efficient compress Shades is talking about is with .7z format.  The other thing would be the type of data compressed.  Text compresses quite a bit.  Whereas binary data that Shades is dealing with, is difficult to compress.  Text tends to have patterns susceptible to compression.  In English anyway you tend to have a lot of 'e's and not many 'z's.  So you can probably denote an 'e' with only a couple of bits and perhaps even use more than a byte for a 'z' without losing too much etc..

Stuff like graphics image files often end up bigger since they are a compressed format to begin with.

Anyone interested can get a decent, albeit simple explanation about compression in the BBC documentary: 'The joy of data'.

Even if you are not interested in the subject, the woman who does the presentation perfectly fits in your niche... ;)


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