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Ctrl+Z Undo doesn't work?

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I only occasionally need screenshots, so I find SSC overwhelming.  But I didn't abandon it because of its complexity, but because Ctrl+Z Undo doesn't seem to work, at least not as I expected.

SSC makes screen captures perfectly well.  My problem is in editing a screenshot.  I start to annotate, then decide I should (e.g.) have put an arrow in a slightly different place.  I press Ctrl+Z Undo to remove the arrow - and just get an angry beep, with no change on screen.  At this point, Hypersnap and PicPick both obediently revert to the previous version of the on-screen image, and that's what I expect to happen with SSC.

Have I misunderstood how Undo is supposed to work, or do I need to configure something?  I have the latest portable SSC, 4.16.1, installed on Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, UAC On, user account.


Ctrl+Z should work to undo in Screenshot Captor.  It does for me.

If you find it doesn't, can you try choosing UNDO from the Edit menu and see if that works?

It may be that there is a bug that makes SC not see the Ctrl+Z in some cases -- if you find that to be true for you and you can figure out in what cases it doesn't respond to Ctrl+Z (but it does respond to choosing Undo from the Edit menu), please let me know!

Ctrl Z works fine for me (using version 4.16.1).  I added three lines and Ctrl Z removed each of them one after the other.

Could this 'not working' have to do with what's currently the cursor-focus? If the focus is in the filename editbox, it'll undo there, and not in the image. Selecting the image pane by clicking it once, then press ctrl-Z might help.

I think you have hit the nail on the head.  And it may be there are certain cases where the focus is on something that prevents it from triggering when one would like it to.

Just as an example, when you select the LINE tool, or indeed ANY existing LINE, a recent feature in SC is to automatically focus to the "End Label Text" box for the line tool.  That means that Ctrl+Z is not going to work for normal undo while it is there.  I wonder if that might be your issue.  I might be able to kludge a little workaround where if there is no undo buffer for the line text label, it would forward the Ctrl+Z to the main window.

As Ath suggests, the easy workaround for such cases is to click in the main editing window to restore focus there.


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