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Vortex Chat - Client Version

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My first official program ever! lol!:

Okey doke! So, with the contest coming up soon, (the day after my BDay to be exact), i figured i would post some screens about my program. It's called Vortex Chat... It uses a simple server/client socket for sending/receiving text data. It uses complex string manipulations to interperut commands from the server. It has a media player for those of you who like to chat while enjoying some music and a theme option for those of you who like to make the program look differently. It currently only has one skin at the moment... I am working on a Skin Pack tho... Been kind of busy with the core functions of the program. There is a "Who's Online?" list for those of you curious about ur friends online status... It has some dif settings that you can see in the pics below.

Practically speaking, It's purpose is to serve the community as a freeware chat program becuase when u search for freeware chat programs they generally end up having some kind of spy-ware, are hard to find, or even cost money in the end... I will be bundling the server with the client so that home offices or small businesses can set up their own private chat servers for inter-activities... It's simple to use and everyone compatible! You can sign on to the program with one click of a button! No registrations or anything like that... Let's say you have family members that you would like to chat with... Well, all you have to do, being the computer literate person, is configure one file, open the server up and click start... then, send it to a friend and they log right on! It's easy to use, i promise...

Drag-N-Drop file sharing! thats def. coming soon! Already working on it...
More Themes/skins

At the moment, I have a sort of 'Test Lobby' server up. which is basically for those of you who want to log on now and check this thing out... You can download it here:!

Here are some screens:

The intro/login screen!

Once, the server has verified that your username isn't already logged on... You can join!

The Media Player panel is open!

Settings Tab 1

Settings Tab 2

Here is a pic of the server for Vortex.. The brain behind it all! lol!

looks beautiful.

I just tried the latest verson:

1) Renox wasn't around to talk to  :mad:  but I've tried that part before so it's all good.  :P
2) The media player is very simple to use and works quite well.  It's a nice little feature.
3) The user login needs a little clean up the first time you use it.  You have to select <new user> from the drop down box to create a new account.  Then drop down again to select the new account.  Just a minor issue, but should be fixed for maximum ease of use.

Looking good Renox,  keep at it :)

Yes, the newly created account should be highlighted by default (if the only account). Perhaps adding user password protection would also be added in the future.


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