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Cortana for Windows 7


The idea of using my voice to tell my computer what to do has always intrigued me.

On Windows XP I found a program called "Responding Heads" - which could do a lot of things:  voice-to-text (dicatation), text-to-voice (talking), listen for commands, sendkeys, etc.  It had a little head on your screen whose face would move when it talked.  It also had an "activation phrase" which you could use to toggle whether it listens for commands or not.  Most of these kinds of programs only give you a key-command.

But it didn't work so well, even after you went through all the "training" to get it to recognize your voice better.
And it doesn't work on Windows 7.

However, I know there is DRAG-ON - but it's not free.
There's VoiceBot, too, by the makers of DisplayFusion.  It works pretty well, but there's no voice-switch for toggling listening mode, and there's no dictation function.

For Windows 10 there is Cortona.

So I'm wondering what is the best of these voice-applications for Windows 7?

I've found this one, called Braina, which claims to be like Cortona.  Has anyone tried it?  It even has a companion Android App to turn your Android into a microphone.

I've also found this, but have not tried it.

Anyone else with ideas here?


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