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BingThing guilty pleasure

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BingThing  Improved history file load speed on startup.  Eliminated blank lines in history list.  Latest zip attached in this post.


Slightly modified About Box.  Increased Max History to 256 lines. Fixed regression in
previous update that caused the history order to be reversed on each program load.

BingThing  Pressing F1 now opens an About Dialog that allows donations.  All it does if Yes is clicked is copy to the Input Line of BingThing.  Then use whatever browser you wish to go to my site and donate.  Speaking of which, the link in the first post goes to my page.  The latest version is available for download.  I think it is in a pretty useful state now.

To quickly search the history type a few characters that would be in the lines of interest and hit <Enter>.  That will trigger the Filter Button to show only lines where that substring is found.  Filtering on an empty Input Line restores the full History List.

Anyway, enjoy.  If you find a big bug please let me know.  :)

BingThing  One small tweak.  After some operations I set the focus back to the Input Line.  This makes it a bit easier to filter the History List by hitting the Enter key.

Link is in the first post as usual.

BingThing  A very minor update.  I use a file to transfer the command line from the secondary instance of BingThing to the primary, if it is run while a copy is already running.  I insert a small delay after file operations to give the file changes time to "take."  These delays have been made shorter.  Also if the file does not exist it does not need to be deleted, therefore that delay is obviated.

The idea is to get the "single instance" behavior to be a bit snappier.  But it is not that noticeable.  Faster is better than slower though, so I guess it was a minor tweak worth making.

As usual the first post in the thread has the link to my page.


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