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BingThing guilty pleasure

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BingThing  I added a hotkey to the application itself.  Alt Winkey b

Press when BingThing.exe is already running to have it use selected text.  This is mainly because my HD is kind of slow.  Since the program is already loaded I use the clipboard to get selected text, then move BingThing to the foreground and put the text in the Input Box.  Note that clipboard contents is not preserved.  I tried it preserving the current clipboard contents but ensuring the clipboard Gets and Sets succeed requires Sleep() delays.  With saving the clipboard and then getting selected text this would make it nearly as slow as loading from the HD.

In order to give some advantage to the fact the program is already loaded in ram the clipboard is left with selected text or blank if none was selected.

As example, say you have a video loaded in Firefox but play is erratic.  So you want to try playing it in Opera.  Click the Address Bar, the text will be selected, press Alt Winkey b, then when BingThing has the focus press the button for the Opera browser(assuming BingThing is set to Launch not Search etc..)

Hopefully Alt Winkey b is sufficiently unusual that it should be free for BingThing to use.
I have uploaded this version to my page already.  Link is in first post.   :Thmbsup:

BingThing   Added feature to Filter List Button.  Hold down Shift if you only wish to add the text from the Input Line to the top of the list.

The new zip has been uploaded to my page.  The link is in the first post.

BingThing itself has not been updated.  But the ahk hotkey script included in the zip file has been updated to detect if BingThing.exe is already running when you press Winkey b or Control Winkey b hotkeys.  If so it is given the focus and the selected text is inserted in the Input Line.

This is much faster than doing it through BingThing.exe.  Most likely the reason is that AutoHotkey is better at handling the hotkeys and clipboard than AutoIt3.  But I used AutoIt3 for the BingThing program itself since displaying the icons on the program buttons is way easier in AU3 than in AHK.

If BingThing.exe is not running it loads it off disk.  So please make sure to update the .ahk hotkey script if you have stored BingThing.exe someplace other than  the C:\Utils folder.

Doing it through the ahk script the response is noticeably snappier.  So I encourage you to go to the bit of extra trouble.  The BingThing window snaps to the front using the AHK script!  :)

The zip file on my site has already been updated.  Link in first post.

I am not set up to compile BingThing.exe anymore.  Since having Windows 10 I see that if BingThing cannot register the hotkey it quits with a dialog box.  This is not good.  So out of necessity I reverted back to version but I included a compiled BingThingHotkey.exe to do the hotkey work.  If you unzip to a folder not underneath a system folder(i.e. stay clear of the Program Files folder trees) things should work Ok. version has been uploaded to MilesAheadSoftware and the index.html has been edited to reflect the change.  Sorry for the hack but I only have a little notebook W10 to work with so I cannot do anything ambitious.  :)


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