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Screenshot Captor #1 at TechRadar's Article on Best Screen Capture Software 2016

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Very nice write up at TechRadar today for Screenshot Captor:

Screenshot Captor seems to have ideas above its station somewhat. Far from just being a screenshot app - and, rest easy, it does do that - it'll grab images from your webcam, and it even includes a full suite of scanning tools to make sure your documents look their best.

But those advanced features don't stop there. Ever wanted to capture the contents of a scrolling window? It'll do that automatically, and even trim the margins for you. Need to capture a screen region of a fixed size? Piece of cake. Splicing areas out of screenshots, annotating, interfacing with advanced image editors, blurring areas you don't want seen? It's all here.

Download Screenshot Captor freeIf there's a downside, Screenshot Captor is a little esoteric in terms of its general interface, but the important bits are all well explained and easy to grasp. It's donationware, so while it's free to use, make sure you chip a little bit into the pot if Screenshot Captor is something you use regularly.
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Very nice!

Very nice!
-mouser (July 21, 2016, 01:26 PM)
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!! Yes :Thmbsup:

Interesting that many of the features mentioned in the other softwares are also available in Screenshot Capture

Yep, Screenshot Capture is a very good software, indeed. But for some reason, been using now frequently quite a long time only ShareX which feels somewhat more confortable. Hard to say where that feeling comes from. It wasn't even mentioned in this comparison.

Both software installed but using only one. I really can't say what made me to choose one from another.

Congrats mouser !!!!!!!

I guess the best way to celebrate is to do a good round of work on the program and try to make the program even better...


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