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IDEA: Drag and drop folder icon replacer

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Cool idea!  I guess you could also make an option where the ico file would also be copied to the folder, thus making it a "portable" folder.

I can whip an app up like this if you still interested.-c.gingerich (July 18, 2016, 09:05 AM)
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I have this almost ready to go.  Just took some slight modifications to an app I had already written.

Well, he'll have a choice! I'm just about to upload my app.  :D

FolderIconDrop -

Drag/drop a folder and icon and press Go!

Screen Shot -

Drag/drop a folder and icon and press Go!
-c.gingerich (July 18, 2016, 10:24 AM)
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it seems just what I need, is it possible to keep .ico file name? And make autoclose optional, please.
If I drag and drop the first time, everything is OK. If I drag and drop the same folder 2nd time, it doesn't work. Browse works.

Some icon changer apps write IconResource and not IconFile.
If there are both IconResource and IconFile in desktop.ini, IconFile is ignored.
It would be better to replace


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