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recommendations for a free web host

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What would the website hold?

You can do quite a bit with something like WordPress:-michaelkenward (July 18, 2016, 04:53 AM)
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good question...the old sites long gone and no backups (DOH!!) so I can't say what the content was, but I envision it being a handful of static pages (it could be one page, but that looks untidy for mixed content), and mostly text.

Will look into wordpress as a starting point, thanks!

Take a hunt around here:

The URL for that is:
I wondered whether it was a genuine site, because it popped up unasked for, when I had a slow response to a router admin page request, so I have no idea how it actually got there, onto my browser, but I took a look and it seemed like it could potentially be quite useful (no warning messages from Malwarebytes about it). Clever marketing to get it to "pop up" like that (though it wasn't a pop-up).
The domain address   says:
ACME Laboratories   
Graphics * Unix * Networks * Fun
Purveyors of fine freeware since 1972. On the net since 1991. ...

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It's an interesting site, and includes references to secure and "lite" own-website hosting software.
I thought of using some of the software to replace the static website hosting I currently have on Google Drive. The latter service is to be killed off by Google around 29 July 2016, with the suggestion that one could replace it with what seems to be an incredibly techno-obfuscated and tortuous approach seemingly designed to make you NOT want to use it.

EDIT: 2016-07-22
Refer also Google Drive webhosting functionality to be shut down. (AOBTD)

I've used in the past. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for a professional looking site, but it can handle a few static pages and a simple site.

A few local artists, and my parish church, are using weebly, I presume because it makes it easy for people busy with other things to maintain simple sites.


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