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Two color outline text-font or style for Windows

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Is there such a typeface or font style or even a font itself that would have the ability to be used as a regular typing font with a way to display as each letter outlined in a second color?  I am sure this option is available on high end graphics programs such as Corel but I was looking for a Windows-based font that could be installed and used by any Windows software while typing large sections of text.

Hmm, all the font sites I checked only had variations on the theme of colored outline with white innards.  Besides, I don't know how you could select more than one color in font settings in an editor or word processor.  Unless they have settings I haven't experienced they all have one doodad to select font color when you select the font and size.

I also would love it if this were possible.  I have BGInfo scripted to put some stuff on my desktop wallpaper at start up.  When the picture underneath is the same color as the text though, it's unreadable.     

I found part of the solution (for me anyway)and my daughter got me started on the rest.  In the end, it was a perfect fit for my needs.  Your mileage may vary!

First step:  Download the fonts from HERE or a similar location.  It is important that the font be a sealed outline with no breaks on the border.  Click to install the TTF font into Windows.

Next step open MSPaint (Or your favorite graphics program) MS Paint is easy and is technically what I needed anyway. and a few other Freebies do have the ability to do this natively but the methods are too complicated for my simple needs.

Open a box of the size you need to type your text.  It can be a full page or whatever size you like.   Pick you Inside color for the text.  I was after a gold Outline on Blue  so I filled the whole box in Blue.

Darn :(  I shudda looked harder! I found some hints that it might be possible for real. See HERE )

Set the Font to one of the Outline fonts you chose to download.
Set the #1 color to the outline color you want to use.

Pick the TEXT option, set a text box that fills the page, and type away.
when completed.  change the #1 color to white and Fill the area outside your text with the paint bucket.  Select the area with the text, crop it.


All of  this is done with settings on opaque.
I am 100% sure that there is a less difficult method of doing this.
WORD can do it Native also with WORD ART settings.  But in the end, i needed my text to be converted to a PNG anyway, starting with Paint just made more sense,
Two color outline text-font or style for Windows

PS: The attachment is low quality and something I typed up in less than a minute including the fills and all.  It is also reduced in size to make the upload faster .  I just wanted to prove that it could be done easily when necessary. 

I still find it hard to believe that it is not possible to manage an outlined two color font but.. Probably can't be  done?
Or Maybe it CAN? See HERE

DARN!  Tons of hints here as well

Still looks like you have to build it yourself if you want a true Windows TTF version.

Cool stuff!   Thanks for the fonts site.  Sadly the "SVG & colors in OpenType fonts" looks like it only applies to FireFox.  Too bad because that's exactly what I need (except for Windows).     


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