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How to increase the "hang time" for secondary menu pop-outs


Is there a specific setting for the time-delay to keep the secondary pop-out menu in focus.  The one that opens when you chose a selection from the the primary right-click option menu?  This is more of an annoyance than a real problem.  But it seems it used to be more "forgiving" of a wandering cursor. 

As an example,  when I right click desktop, select New, get the pop-put menu for "new what?":  Before I can move the pointer to File or folder or whatever I want, the secondary menu closes.  I have tried a firm Click on New as well as directly sliding across with no click to the pop-out menu but either way, I almost always end up with the pop-out window closing before i can make it to my choice.  So I have to go back and click NEW again often several times to beat the closing pop-out menu to choose which "new item" I want. 

This is just an example of one optio (New) but every secondary menu like that seems to close far to soon, much faster than it used to.  Or else "I" am getting much slower :( <also a good possibility> :'(

I just wondered if there was a setting somewhere that controlled the time allowed to click the final option in the secondary pop-out menus.  I am tempted to try the settings under mouse in control panel but thought there might be a more specific timer somewhere?  I seem to have the same problem regardless of which system I am using but most of them have all the same software and OS. Windows 10 X64

There are a few solutions here:

One is to increase "MenuShowDelay" time in the registry, another is changing the value of "UserPreferencesMask", and lastly something to do with Citrix being enabled.  Dunno why that would affect anything...

Give it a shot, couldn't hurt...

Thanks Edvard.  ALL of them look like excellent prospects
Like you I would wonder about Citrix ?? BUT
who Knows what might work where MS is concerned.
I thought i remembered a registry setting for a lot of little things like this.
what is puzzling me the most is that I have a gut feeling that this is being caused by one of the recent add-ins I loaded.
Unfortunately there are far too many to back out of.  Of the three systems i work on, it seems they are all just as bad but i could be wrong

OMG!! I swear you may be a Lifesaver.  That very first one was so obvious it was uncanny.  Here I thought I was losing my touch.  My setting was ZERO!  They even commented that ZERO would be as fast as it could ever get!  Normal being 400 and suggested up to 600.

I opted to stay at 400 for now but that was an immediately obvious difference.  You can bet I wont lose that "Tip"! 
My hat is of to you and i thank you for the rapid response wit the right "medicine"

Glad I could help!  :Thmbsup:


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