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problem with pdf

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I want to upload some pdf files in a website and while they are true pdf files, with pdf extension, the website rejects them as non-pdf

what can I do?

how can I 'fix' them? or is there any other solution?


why ask us - why not ask the website?

if that not possible:
moar info please (website? pdf sample?)

A pdf file can include dangerous coding, so the blocking may be for safety reasons. Here at DC you'll have to put the pdf file into a container, say a zip file. Maybe 'they' have a similar policy?

Although you see one extension, know that there are several versions of the PDF format. Not all of them are as backwards compatible as you would expect. Perhaps the website only accepts PDF format 1.6 and 1.7 and you have created pdf files with the PDF 1.5 format or lower.

Your PDF viewer/reader can handle these files, but I am not sure about the website. Like Tomos says: more info is needed for a proper answer, else your guess is as good as mine.

the website is but the pdf are id documents and cannot upload


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