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How to pass a search result to an alias action as $$2


Hi all ....
I'm trying to automate logging in to remote hosts via ss and execute shell scripts saved in a local folder on the PC. The final commands looks like this

ssh user@host_name

I have 2 variables. First is host_name and a second is

I created 2 aliases ...
1) script_lib which does a 'dosearch' on the folder where scripts are saved
2) exec_ssh defined as 'ssh (.*) (.*) and the pass to the ssh binary 'c:\....\ssh.exe jsmith@$$1 $$2'

In the farr search box I type ....

script_lib +exec_ssh

This command passes the search hit as $$1 to action alias +exec_ssh. It needs to pass as $$2 since $$1 is the host name. The tool I'm using requires this ordering of arguments.

How can I do this in farr, please.


Anybody home?

Sorry for the delay in replying..

It sounds like you are doing things right with the exec_ssh regex, and that should work passing both arguments.

The tricky part is how you are using the script_lib dosearch using the + thing.. That is getting a little advanced..

I wonder if you could solve it like this:
In the script_lib alias result, do a setuservar command to save the value of $$2 to a temporary variable like "uservar.temp.sshvar2", and then create a new exec_ssh replacement alias that only expects $$1 and then uses "%uservar.temp.sshvar2%" instead of $$2.


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