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Updates to fix screen resolution errors using different res. monitors

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Hi Mouser,

I am the person who brought the screen res. problems to your attention for Screenshot Captor, working with a 4K monitor and a lower res. monitor set to different enlargement percentages several weeks ago now.  I am wondering how you are coming along with fixing these problems and also wondering if you have any alpha or beta versions for me to test, or if there is any other way that I can help with the process.  I have tried to get to you via the chat room a couple of times over the last several days to no avail.  It was recommended that I try to contact you here.  I eagerly await the next update that will hopefully resolve these issues.   In the meantime I have been using the Microsoft snipping tool which is not nearly as good as yours!!

Please let me know how it is going.




This is just to say "me too". I have just installed Screenshot Captor and Clipboard Help + Spell, and they are unusable for me because a part of the UI is just too tiny to read.

In Screenshot Captor, for instance, the top menu is OK, but the icons are way too small, just as the lower part of the UI (where it says File Name Quick Field, for instance).

My PC :

* Windows 7
* Screen resolution = 1920  x 1200
* DPI setting = 150 %
* Use Windows XP style DPI scaling = Yes
The effect is reminiscent of very old programs developed when screen resolutions were lower, but I see your work is in current development.

I have checked Use Windows XP style DPI scaling precisely to avoid this sort of problem, and this allows me to use some outdated software that would be unreadable otherwise. I did not find any settings in your programs to adjust this. Did I miss something ?

Updates to fix screen resolution errors using different res. monitors

Congrats for the site, I hadn't heard of it up to now, it looks very interesting and I'll certainly come back  :) !

I think what is being protested about here - problems experienced with perceiving the small fonts/icons in the windows/panels with SC (Screenshot Captor) and CHS (Clipboard Help & Spell) - is probably addressing what seems to be largely a symptom of the modern "Metro" OS interface.

Speaking as a dedicated user of SC and CHS, and as someone with eyesight problems, I started to experience difficulty in clearly reading post-Windows 7 OS screen displays - the earlier Windows versions were no real problem, but then with the post-Win7 OSes they became too "glary" and lacked clear distinction between objects on-screen, and this and the prettified pastel colour schemes, whilst perhaps being visually attractive, reduced visual object discrimination and made things ergonomically a perceptual PITA.
The rot probably started earlier, with the dumbing-down of things - e.g., MS Office "Ribbon" menus - where one had to have clearly distinguishable icons to memorise the functionality. Whilst that worked reasonably well under the Win7 OS and earlier, the clear distinguishability was reduced in post-Win7, and the smallish icons in SC and CHS were certainly made less easy to discern/distinguish between, though currently the CHS ones seem easier to distinguish to me than the SC ones - and I'm not sure why that is, but it is probably a difference between the way in which objects are output to the display by the two proggies (SC and CHS).
The "Metro" interface was apparently an attempt to make a generic vanilla interface for all devices, and though it might have worked on the little smartphone screens, it seems to be a vague, glary perceptual mess on an LCD laptop display.
Having said that, To adjust CHS UI colours and fonts: Go to the Menu View | Options | Custom Appearance where, with some experimentation and trial-and-error, you will be able to set things pretty much to your heart's content (this is what I have found, in any event). Kudos to @mouser for having had the apparent foresight to build-in that functionality - and a lot more besides - to CHS.

As for SC, the option to modify the appearance of the UI simply isn't there to the same extent that it is in CHS. For the SC icons, as a workaround, I just try to memorise the relative on-screen positions of whichever tiny and blurry/glary icons I generally use the most. Spectacles don't help much either.

The biggest problem I have had for a while now with both SC and CHS under the post-Win7 OSes is trying to read the Options screens, which currently have non-adjustable fonts and which have now become relatively tiny in the post-Win7 OSes. The lines making up the characters seem to be just one pixel thick!    :mad:


Thanks for your detailed point of view. I'm not sure I get it completely, though. I understand your "philosophical" argument about the changing OS aesthetics. However, it seems to me that's a separate issue from the one I raised, which is much more basic.

To put things bluntly, as they appear on my screen, SC (Screenshot Captor) and CHS  (Clipboard Help & Spell) are downright unusable. Windows 7 GUI is perfectly all right for me, and the combination of OS + OS settings works perfectly for me with practically all software I come across.

I recently checked on an old piece of software I used to like very much, it's a project manager called Twiddlebit Plan, which was created for... Psion PDAs, and Nokia phones with a screen, before smartphones were invented. It also had a Windows version. Now that was perfectly usable with Windows ME, and whatever low-res CRT I had at the time, but with modern resolutions, some parts of the UI are too small to read by now (although not all of them).

But this is legacy software. It can't be expected to work nowadays. SC and CHS are current.

So I'm curious to know : do all other users see SC's main window the way I see it ? (Attachment in my former post.) Do they see, as I do, a regular-sized menu line, with File, Edit, Capture, Scan... and below, two checkboxes marked Thumbnail Panel and AutoFit in a much, much smaller font ?

And if yes, is that the expected behaviour of the software, or is it me, i.e. I need to change something in my Windows 7 settings, for instance ?

The File, Edit, Capture... line is perfectly OK. The Thumbnail Panel and AutoFit line (again, as they appear on my screen) kills the software for me.

And I would love to find a workaround, because I was desperate to find something like SC, the guys at Daves Computer Tips pointed it to me, and I can't believe what it can do  :-* ! It seems too good to be true !

Yes, this is a problem, and will become even more of one as monitor resolution increases.

In SC & CHS, there are already problems with system fonts @125% on a FHD 15.6" laptop screen:

* SC has cropped fonts above the image panel, and I have major difficulty reading preferences
* CHS has same or smaller text in options, text in main window (clips, tree) is slightly larger and clearer -- but still not the size it should be with fonts @ 125%


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