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Tiny Barebones Editor Needed


I want to place a small editable word box on screen on top of various graphs (off to the side), the small box will say what the graph is, maybe a little note.  Then I'll take a snapshot of the screen (using Screenshot Captor).

I'd prefer controlling font size, perhaps color.  There should be word-wrap.  No menu.  Default options can be kept in an .ini file.  Word box should be movable, and resizable.

In effect, a super barebones text editor.  Sans menu.

Such might already exist somewhere out there in cyberland.  I did search, though, and failed to find one.

Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Kormanik

If you want tiny text editors...look here and try/pick the one you like best.

There are two ways I would suggest you could go about this:

* (a) Take a screenshot using SC (Screenshot Captor), then use the text editor in SC to place a little text description box on/near/above/under the screenshot image. This is exactly what SC has been designed for.
* (b) Use a sticky note proggie - e.g., Stickies from
You can then place a sticky note near the object on screen and capture that with SC.

Use WordPad.

See top title bar, for the [v]-menu, to minimize the ribbon bar.

Tiny Barebones Editor Needed



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