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Judge rules FBI can hack any time, any place, anywhere


A federal district court in Virginia has ruled that the FBI has the right to hack into computers around the world without getting a local warrant, and without any review by courts.

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Does this Judge realize that he can't give the FBI the right to break the laws of other countries?   :huh:  The Judge in question might want to go read a few law books...though, I highly doubt this ruling could ever stand...

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Hmmm, the judge's name is Henry Morgan.  Which is funnier?  That it is the same name as the panelist on the TV show "I've got a secret" or that it is the same name as the pirate?

I do not agree with this ruling at all, but I do believe the defining point is that this ruling is that it pertains to the FBI only. Their jurisdiction is strictly US-oriented & any investigations they have outside of borders of the United States are restricted to United States citizens only. In short, if the FBI is hacking any system outside of the U.S., it's because they are investigating a crime involving a U.S. citizen as a participant.

Having said that, hopefully this will be shot down & over-turned as this really seems like the same rules/restrictions of wiretapping should apply (warrants issued, justified probable cause, etc.).

I was just telling a friend yesterday that one of the biggest problems we face in the world today is that we have a group of people crafting laws, rules, and regulations about objects and technology that they do not adequately understand to make such decisions in an informed manner.


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