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Stardock's Object Desktop On Sale - 60% Off

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What It Is -

Stardock's Object Desktop is a subscription to all of Stardock's most popular software. You will find WindowBlinds, Fences, etc. included for one low price. You can read about it here:
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How much It Costs -

Normally, Object Desktop costs $49.99 annually. Through this offer it only costs $19.99.
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How To Get It -

When checking out just use coupon code OD2016-60.
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When Does The Offer Expire -

The offer expires on July 20, 2016.
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Things To Keep In Mind -

1. This is a subscription. You will lose access to your account and the software installers 365 days from date of subscription activation unless you renew.

2. Downloading and archiving the software installers is permitted. After your subscription expires one may still install the products one has downloaded and use them forever. One will just not have access to program updates.

3. Again, the offer expires on July 20, 2016.

4. Finally, for current subscribers, you *can* take advantage of this offer and it will extend your current subscription by 365 days. This will save one $10.00 off the normal renewal rate.
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Thanks for informing!  :up:

I had to click "Need to change the order?" before I was able to paste the discount code.

A picture of what you get :

I've always wanted to try some of these. Makes me think (fondly) of compiz on linux. Checking out now. Note that my total was $21.19 with tax.

I'm glad I was able to help someone else explore Object Desktop. Stardock isn't one of my favorite companies, but I've always been curious about their Object Desktop product line. Fifty bucks was a little steep just to satisfy one's curiosity, but a thirty dollar discount makes it much more palatable.

Stardock's Fences is what really intrigues me. There's nothing quite like it being offered anywhere else.

Fences is the one that is still running after a couple days. I'm not sure if all the components are quite ready to be run, all at once, on "preview" builds of Windows 10. I was getting completely-black context menus, no start button, lost wallpaper, crazy stuff... I need to add things one at a time and see what's worth the CPU/memory hit.


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