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Adding text in Objects to images??



I'm trying to find a way to add text to an image but within a scroll type placeholder.....

With a textbox you can drag the cursor to any shape you want and then add the text within.  That's what I'd like to do but within something like a scroll.

Any ideas guys?

Screenshot Captor?

Cheers for the lead on Screenshot Captor Tom, it looks like a very handy tool but it's not exactly what I'm after.

I have actually used (in the past) a tool which is very like a text box but instead you can pick a banner or scroll type object and use it just the same as the text box. Once you've finished entering your text, the text is then left within the banner etc.  I just can't remember which software it was that I've used in the past???

Have you looked at ImageMagick and/or GraphicsMagick?  I think either or both of them can do what you want.

I tried your suggestions questorfla but they don't appear to have a Windows interface.

Unless I'm missing the obvious I'll keep looking!!


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