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Author Topic: [Linux] Monster Hunter Armour Creator / Searcher  (Read 4212 times)


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[Linux] Monster Hunter Armour Creator / Searcher
« on: June 27, 2016, 06:32 AM »
Hi all,

Lately I've been tinkering with a program for the game franchise Monster Hunter, it creates and sorts armor sets based on inputted info. Its still semi WIP but it works.

Supported Games:
  • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
  • Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
  • (soon) Monster Hunter Generations

Here is a link to the Github page

Before I start describing what the program does, Ill need to describe how armor works on the game. This will be a small description.

Each armor set is made up of 5 pieces, Head, Chest, Arms, Waist and Legs.
You can create 2 of those from every monster, A version for gunners and a version for blademasters. This quickly becomes a large number of possible combos when you start fighting more and more monsters and making more and more armor.

Each piece will give you points toward certain skills and sometimes toward negative skills. For example, Attack Up Small requires 10 points in the Attack skill. Attack Up Medium is 15, Large is 20 etc.

You are able to mix pieces from different monsters into a single set to refine whatever skills and setup you want.

Each piece can have anywhere from 0 to 3 slots. You can place jewels in these slots to aid toward a certain skill or skills, so even if your armor set doesn't give you the skill you want you have a chance to change that.

What my program does:
My program has a list of all the skills you can get in the game, You check the box next to the skill and hit search my program will generate all possible armor sets that have points towards that skill. It will then sort the results based on how close the sets are to what you want.
Useful if you want specific skill combinations or no negative skills.

Screenshot of me asking it for Attack Up Medium (Attack + 15)
Screenshot - 050616 - 22:40:35.png[Linux] Monster Hunter Armour Creator / Searcher

As you can see, it nails it. Giving me a set that has what I want. You can see the skill points on the right, it also has another skill. It also shows me what defense the set will end up with before and after fully upgrading it. Sadly, that defense isn't that good, its probably using some gunner pieces since I have Weapon set to "Both", I think ill pass. ;)

So, I still want this Attack Up M but, that set is too weak. You can sort by Defense. This makes it easy to find the strongest set that suits your needs.

Screenshot - 270616 - 21:10:16.png[Linux] Monster Hunter Armour Creator / Searcher

Now that's more like it! Attack Up M and 630 defense. Heck yeah!!

You can ask for more than one skill too. Lets push it for some good skills. Attack Up M  (Attack +15) and Guard +2 (Guard +15).

Screenshot - 270616 - 21:15:09.png[Linux] Monster Hunter Armour Creator / Searcher

Alright, we got the set. Though, the defense is bad again. And points are now -1. What does that mean?
We've encountered the limit of what the program found. That defense was the highest out of the very little amount of sets it found.
The -1 for points is how my program sorts everything. 0 is a perfect match and the lower it gets is how far away the skills you wanted are. Eg: (Attack +15 and Guard +15) is what I wanted and (Attack +15 Guard +16) is what I got.
My program will try to get as close to the +15 and +15. So a +16 is considered 1 point off.
This list quickly becomes -2 and then -3, -4. Each set getting further and further from what you wanted.

The screenshots are using the experimental version, This has a few features not in the github repo.
Also, Creating sets can take some time. Usually around 10 seconds on my PC. This is my first attempt at this kind of thing and I may find a way to improve the speed later on.

Hopefully someone will find this useful and if there are any bugs please let me know!