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Where is the registry function for left clicking the desktop?

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Right click the desktop is easy enough to find.  As well as left clicking an icon for an application or file.  If you are already in a file like word, outlook etc, left click functions are documented.  But I cant locate anything for left clicking on an empty spot on Windows desktop?  Does a registry function exist for that option and if not could one be added?

I can draw a "box" (that disappears unless I drag it over to hit some icons) so there must be some way to capture that initial action of a left click on the empty desktop and use it to initiate an action just like right clicking the same spot.

Left click and right click on the windows desktop are two totally different things.  Right click is made to be contextual.  Left click isn't.  The drawing of the box is made to interact with desktop objects at the OS level.  Right click is similar... but links to the menu that comes up.  There is not an easy, non programmatic way AFAIK to capture the left click, as it would override the OS functionality.  It is possible.  Just not easy.

Perhaps someone knows something that I don't know in that regard... I can try to post some code if you're interested in doing it in a programmatic way.  AHK might be able to do it also.

This may help, I capture the LMB click and change it to a RMB click if it's held down for a certain period.

I guess for what you want you would just need to remove the delay check and see what was under the pointer at the time, then initiate an action.

Might work, 4WD.  But I need it to function outside of a browser for my purposes.  Usually one assumes left clicking to be the primary interaction with a program.  Right click provides option functionalities in the same area of actions.  Or so that was how I had assumed
Left click a program icon or image icon to open it using its default assigned APP:  ie> open with MSPaint.exe.  Right click one to change some feature or function relating to that image or all images. Rename, Move, etc
Right click the desktop opens a slew of different apps that you might want and there are ways to modify the menu offered there.  I already have what I needed working under an RC.  I just would rather LC if I could.

LC the desktop and Nothing a all happens.  If I wanted a direct function related to the 'desktop' I would have preferred to put it as LC  but I can get there with an RC if that is my only option.  I might check out your code though to see what happens.  Anything you come up with is usually Good :)

Might work, 4WD.  But I need it to function outside of a browser for my purposes.-questorfla (June 29, 2016, 08:21 PM)
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It's not tied to a browser, it intercepts any LMB click that is held down for more than a certain period unless the program it's over institutes its own custom handler.


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