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ERAM (Open Source RAM Disk) Development

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I removed the License file.

I removed the License file.-Zero3K (June 26, 2016, 12:39 PM)
--- End quote ---
If you want to go through with this, you should probably contact the original author(s) and get some clarification on what license they want.

When something is released without an explicit license, it falls under normal copyright, and can't be considered OpenSource - so it's a bit dangerous contributing to, and doesn't belong on GitHub. I know this might seem pedantic, but keep the CircleDock fiasco in mind...

And you should add an AUTHORS file that make it very clear who and where the code originally came from.

1. I think he's either dead or gave up on it a long time ago (its been 10+ years since the latest version was made).
2. Please link me to a pge that explains this fiasco.
3. I will do that soon.

1. You should still try contacting the author if you haven't done so already - he might not care, but it's really not a good idea getting into copyright trouble.
2. It happened here on DoCo, and it wasn't pretty.

Also, the benchmark PDF you attached seems to be slightly old, and if ImDisk is present, I missed it. Given the somewhat murky status of ERAM, you're probably better off contributing to ImDisk if your interest is OpenSource. If you just want a good, small, fast and  free (beer) RamDisk, get SoftPerfect.

1. I sent him an email regarding the source code being on Github.
2. Oh, ok.
3. I still think that there's more speed to get out of this driver when it works properly on a 64-bit OS.


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