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ERAM (Open Source RAM Disk) Development

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It would be nice if someone could get it to work on Windows 10 (64-bit). Its driver and source code can be downloaded by going to

Did you write this, or get the source from elsewhere and dump it on GitHub?

Are there anything particularly interesting about this RamDisk, compared to ImDisk?

1. I got the source from the latest archive of it that is available on its homepage (which is located at
2. Its faster according to the benchmark I put on the repo and smaller in size.

So you just snatched that code and stuck a GPLv3 on it?

Size doesn't really matter for a driver (as long as it's not grotesque), speed does - I don't see a benchmark on the GitHub repo, though, only a single CrystalDiskMark screenshot, which doesn't tell anything without a point of reference.

1. Yes.
2. Ok. You can find a comparison of some RAM Disks at


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