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On another forum a poster without a UPS wondered if there was a way to overcome that fact that when he got a power glitch, the folders he had open on the desktop were not saved for next boot.  He has the folder options set to restore open folders on startup.

It seemed like something not difficult to hack so I wrote a small utility called FolderSave that sits in the tray.  When run with /auto command line param, it opens the saved folder set(if any) and positions and sizes the folder windows where they were when saved.  Every 30 seconds it saves the folder set if there are any Explorer Folder Windows open.

It has only been tested on single monitor Windows English language version of Windows 8.0.  But it is pretty basic and so should work as expected on most systems XP and later.  It writes a text file to the same folder as the FolderSave.exe.  For this reason it is a good idea not to have the exe file underneath Program Files or Program Files (x86) to avoid UAC and/or access denied crapola.

It is just a hack but if you regularly use the same set of folders positioned and sized just so then it may save you time and/or avoid running a template type utility if the only reason to do so is to set up the folder pattern.

You may download from my page here:
MilesAhead Software for Windows PCs

Please see the included Readme.txt file for requirements and more info.

Edit: source is included so you may change the hotkey or comment out the playing of the chime when the folders are saved etc..

To compile use the latest version of AutoHotkey
I used the 32 bit Unicode flavor to compile the exe.  A custom icon is also included.


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