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I lost all my progress bars of life

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I think a good solution is backup the configuration files automatically .
Is it possible configure this ?

Best Regards

I began to investigate the options of the program. One feature of the mouser's zone is a wide catalog of options to be analyzed.

I will comment

No automated backup .

Happen again during my investigation. I lose the commands. I recover with the manual security copy.
But my fault is that I don't take a screenshot of my error.

When I have the program windows on top but not pinned up and call the about windows don't appear. Goes before and under the main window.
If I maximized any other windows then appear over the program window.


I try reproduce my error but don't get it again.

I am observing similar problem with the configuration I have with ScreenShot Captor.
I have installed in portable way.
I have to revise all configurations.


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