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Commandline method of downloading a webpage

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AS for the other thing I emailed you:
if I could simply string together two SendTo options the first being "sendto"> compressed zip folder and then the output from that going to the emel.vbs script I sent you that would solve my other  wish.
Can you pull another rabbit out of your magic hat on that one?
As in ...  First select the files then right click>sendto> | email.vbs?

Suffice it to say that 4WD came through (as usual though I think he has helpers at Stack overflow as I can Never find the codes he does).-questorfla (June 21, 2016, 01:23 AM)
--- End quote ---

Thanks  :)

FYI: Google - Then I quick scan the results stopping at Stack..... (5th result in my part of the world)

Originally was going to do it in Powershell but it apparently can't be done without producing a requester, so VBScript is the next option to use IE's engine.

I'm glad you got it sorted for what you needed.
I'm seeking something that will enable me to port my humungus Scrapbook database from Firefox to a new browser that actually works, and to be able to view it all in the new browser - I'm using SlimJet (Chrome). The Scrapbook add-on is now about the only reason I still use Firefox.
What I really need are a stand-alone Scrapbook database browser and a management tool that know the slightly proprietary structure of the data store.
I had thought about integrating Scrapbook and Zotero data stores, but though Scrapbook and Zotero both use WebPageDump, the structure of their data stores is slightly different.
I was even tinkering around writing some VBS code to work with Excel to do a lot of that, but sadlement it's in the "too hard" basket and my code knowledge is poor anyway.

Thanks 4wd, your vbs script find is really very useful, when needed.  :Thmbsup:




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