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Feature request - improve ease of Wikipedia linking


In this post, 4wd kindly corrected a munged Wikipedia link I'd put in.

If you use the reply box and click the button to enter an ordinary URL, the forum software pops up a little dialog so you can put it in in correct form, which is:

--- ---[url=]Re: Suggestion: A new GUI for ExifTools [/url]
But if you want to enter a Wikipedia link, the relevant button just gives:

--- ---[wiki][/wiki]
with no indication of exactly what is wanted, which is similar to a plain URL:

--- ---[wiki=Comparison_of_metadata_editors]Comparison of metadata editors[/wiki]
which gives

Comparison of metadata editorsw

Evidently just the Wikipedia page is needed.  Putting in the whole URL gives a Wikipedia error:

--- ---[wiki=]Comparison of metadata editors[/wiki]

Please can

--- ---[wiki][/wiki]in the reply box either be replaced by a dialog similar to the plain URL one, or otherwise be a bit clearer about the correct form to put in?

<sigh>  I seem to have made a meal of this...

Understood, I'll try to fix it.  A dialog would be nice, and putting in the full url shouldn't cause error.


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