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Where has Clipmate Support Gone?

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My duty clipboard manager is ArsClip, which is free, portable, and has a lot of power, much of it not very obvious.  I haven't tried Clipboard Manager by Outertech, but it looks good.  ClipCache is OK, but last time I checked, didn't have all the power of ClipMate.  But, the most bang for your buck, with good features, a good interface and good support, is mouser's own ClipboardHelpandSpell, which he mentions above.

I've been using Ditto for a number of years (Yankee Clipper before that) and it has worked great except for an occasional fugue state (once every couple months), but I restart it and go on. Seeing this thread got me to looking around at alternatives.

The killer feature I use all the time is sending a clip to another pc. A couple of other clip managers will do something like that but not as cleanly - Clipboard Fusion syncs clips to its web site (!) to get to another machine, Clipboard Manager uses your choice of web drive, ArsClip requires all the machines to run from the same shared folder. And many seem to have (arbitrary and small) limits on how many clips they allow.

I'm open to change, but I don't want to lose functionality or add restrictions.

So. as this thread has become just another "name your favorite clipboard tool here" discussion, I'll just add one more vote for ArsClip. Minimalistic yet handy. Tried Ditto before but failed to like it.

His website's there...
-i_am_jim (June 14, 2016, 05:45 PM)
--- End quote ---

I especially like the Testimonials on every page of the website... every one a junk link for some UK pharma site. :o

This review of clipboard extenders rates ClipX best and CLCL next yet neither is mentioned by people here.


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