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Sharpen image feature in SSC

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K Bohne:
I am in SSC in the sharpen feature of the program and have opened a JPEG file from my computer.
I use the slider button to set the sharpen value and it shows the modified result image beside the original image.
Problem is when say OK the image does not save the result image in the SSC viewer window so I can't save a sharpened image.
How I do I use SSC to get a sharp result from a jpeg file.

In the normal capture mode after taking a grab Selected Region Shot it works but on a standard Jpeg file i cannot get it to work

Screenshots should be made using the png fileformat (loss-less), not jpg (lossy). You won't have to sharpen those png files, as they are as sharp as they can be.

K Bohne:
Can I convert a jpeg file to png


K Bohne:
I converted the jpg to png 2.85mb when to 22Mb file.
Opened the png file in SSC went through the same sharpen process and the same problem ocured the output image does not save the sharpened result.
Don't know what to do now??


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