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robust microusb cable

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is there any microUSB cable that the plug will not bend? I bought numerous cables and they all bent at the point of the plug with the lightest of force! (normally if the phone falls and it is plugged).

it would be highly appreciated


I find these Anker cables more robust than most that I have. Given enough rough handling, though, practically any 'tip' is going to suffer.

they all bent at the point of the plug with the lightest of force! (normally if the phone falls and it is plugged).-kalos (June 11, 2016, 09:24 AM)
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I'm not sure I'd classify a phone, whilst plugged in, falling and hitting the ground, the "lightest of force."  I'd daresay that most any cable is going to fail under that test.  That said, those Anker ones are built tougher, and come with an 18-month warranty, so you should be able to get them replaced should they fail.

You might look at custom cables also.  Cables that have heatshrinked connectors and techflex sleeving are very robust. (Just getting into mechanical keyboards, I've seen a lot about custom robust cabling).  They're expensive though, and I've never seen any of the custom stuff on outlets like amazon.

Example paracord with heatshrinked connectors.

robust microusb cable

The problem with USB cables, in my experience, has very little to do with the cable itself, and everything to do with the connector. If the micro USB connector gets bent out of shape even slightly, you can pretty much kiss the cable goodbye.

So all this bullet proof kevlar stuff probably isn't going to help with the problem of the Micro USB cable connector just being terribly designed and too fragile.


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