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Limitless is limited after all


Limitless was the only TV series I made a point to watch every week.  Suppose you had a creative inventive show that actually got good ratings.  What would you do?  Well if you are CBS you dump it of course.  Can't open up a can of worms by having a successful TV series that doesn't suck.

This reminds me of Nowhere Man with Bruce Greenwood.  Half way through the first season they decide to twist the plot so that everything can be wrapped up in 13 episodes.  Can't have thought provoking episodes continuing on willy-nilly or people might grow to expect TV series to make sense.

The "kill it before it spreads" syndrome strikes again.
Oh well.  No need to consider subscribing to CBS live on air broadcasts especially since any good shows are killed and the live NFL games they carry are exempt from the streaming deal.  Guess I have to buy a tuner for my Laptop.

I hear there is a sequel to the movie Chronicle, which is of course titled Chronicle 2

Maybe I'll score one out of three.  :)
Edit: although after reading more stuff about the movies "development" it seems to be foundering.  IMDB says it is "in development" so maybe it isn't totally dead yet.  Here's hoping some good SciFi is made someplace.  :)

While there was an option to continue, there is also something to say for having a clear start and end in a series. For example: I like the series Supernatural (about 2 brothers who hunt demons and stuff) and if I'm honest it should have been finished after season 5. The story arc, that season arc and the previous seasons arc all came together at the end of season 5. We are now in season 11 and it looks like season 12 is coming. The story went downhill after that. Not that they hadn't good stories or new story arcs (that could easily span a season or 2) they just went through them in a single episode in a very unsatisfactory manner.

Together with Miles I enjoyed Limitless a lot, but I don't feel too sad about it ending as I got my clear start and ending. Maybe that is an European thing, I don't know. 

Me personally, looking at the characters and lore that they've introduced since your cut off time (s5), I can't say that I would have been happy to lose them, and the stories they engendered.  That said, I've cut down my network viewing a lot because of the tendencies of networks to cancel shows before they've even had a chance to get their footing.  One wonders if the death of a show is dictated by its performance, or is a self-fulfillment of their cancellation because of the focus of the networks on the shows that immediately garner an audience.

Together with Miles I enjoyed Limitless a lot, but I don't feel too sad about it ending as I got my clear start and ending. Maybe that is an European thing, I don't know. 
-Shades (June 07, 2016, 07:55 PM)
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I liked X-Files once it was in syndication.  But it went on too long.  They delayed dealing with the original premise as long as they could(Mulder's sister missing, aliens are here running things or doing secret stuff) then arced to some lame stuff.

However I thought Limitless was just getting interesting.  Now and then they went for laughs in an episode and that didn't always work.  Also I never understood why the protagonist had to connect stuff with string to get the idea across.  I guess they thought it made a good visual.  But if you think of it, the plot should have branched out more like the movie.  People making a big splash on the stock market and/or politics seemingly coming from nowhere, they got access to the drug etc..  Instead they made it into more of a Sherlock Holmes solves the crime deal.  One thing about TV.. give them a good idea and they will butcher it for sure.  Just look at the last few years of All In The Family.


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